June 8, 2021

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Trust Wallet Digital Asset Review

Anyone who has investments in cryptocurrency should look into an investment in a digital wallet. Trust Wallet is an example of a digital wallet that is not centralized to any bank and that can allow you to earn interest on the cryptocurrency you own. Users can store up to 160 of their digital assets through Trust Wallet.

You can manage your assets easily with Trust Wallet via the mobile app that is available on most smartphones or via the browser. Trust Wallet is one of the most popular digital wallets available, and it is important to consider the guide we created below to determine if this software is right for you.

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Trust Wallet Product Summary 

95% Overall

Features of Trust Wallet

  • Mobile app that is found in the Apple app store and in Google Play
  • Mobile app that is free to download and use
  • Web3 browser that is built into the software to give access to DApps, or decentralized apps
  • Support for over 160 digital currencies and assets
  • Support for ERC20, ERC223, and Bitcoin currencies
  • Collaboration with Kyber Network that allows for decentralized exchanges
  • Features that allow you to stake your coins so that you can receive interest on any purchase you make
  • User data is not stored as the wallet is non-custodial
  • A simple and user-friendly interface that anyone can learn
  • No start-up fees or subscription fees or services
  • KYC is never asked for, showcasing that security is a top priority
  • Constant security audits completed by Stateful
  • Open-source coding language so that you can learn the script yourself
  • Code written in Swift and Java to work seamlessly on most platforms
coin options
user interface
Customer Support

The Trustwallet Breakdown


  • Interface is extremely easy to use  
  • The wallet holds cryptocurrency and collectibles
  • The wallet allows you to swap or exchange your assets
  • Sections for more specific wallets are available
  • Complete cryptocurrency exchange right on the mobile app or browser
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  • Little customer service 
  • Training videos provided are not extensive
You will have difficulty finding the support you need for any difficulties. The training videos do cover some of the information that you need to know, but they are not extensive so you have to learn via YouTube. Be sure to learn more about the security details of the software so that you can prevent fraud and identity theft on your Trust Wallet account.

History of Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet came through the brilliant mind of Viktor Radchenko. He is a software developer who lives in the United States and became interested in cryptocurrency through Ethereum. Trust Wallet began as his way to store his ERC20 tokens. This began to attract thousands of others almost right away.

Binance even noticed the platform and the success that Radchenko found. They bought out Radchenko's software, making it even easier to use for millions around the world.

Starting Your Account

To start with Trust Wallet, you will need to either sign up online or download the mobile app. You will create a new wallet or will import another that already exists. Add cryptocurrencies by pressing "receive," and send it by pressing "send."

For either of the tasks listed above, you will have to enter the address of the other wallet. You can review any of the transactions that you have completed via the transactions tab that is right within the app. Most processes are very straightforward, and we were able to learn them easily.

Staking Features

Staking, in my opinion, is one of the best features that Trust Wallet offers. This process allows you to create new blocks for your blockchain, and you can use any of the coins that you already use. Each coin that you put through the process is considered a single transaction.

When you do stake some of your coins, they will remain in your wallet for a short period. Do not worry though, as you will earn interest on any of these staked coins. This is a great way to get more money back than what you are putting into your wallet.
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DApps and Web3 Browsing

The final important feature to mention in more detail at Trust Wallet is the DApps browser that allows for Web3 apps. It works directly with Ethereum, allowing you to use any of the apps that are made available by this other software.

Some of the most popular apps that are available for use include Zerion, Uniswap, and more. All of these work in the same way as Trust Wallet in that they are decentralized to a bank. These are meant to help you grow in the cryptocurrency investment business that you are in the process of creating.

So, Should You Get Trust Wallet?

Overall, Trust Wallet is a trustworthy and easy-to-use digital wallet to help you manage your digital assets. Though customer service may not be quickly available, the software is easy enough to learn to help you earn on your investments. It is important though that you always keep the details you need on your security code so that you never lose your information or your assets.

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