Our Top Picks For 2022



The Complete Debt Relief Manual

The Debt relief manual offers expert financial advise in the credit card debt area. It accompanies these teachings with some personal finance best practices.
John Oswald is a well know figure in the personal finance space with loads of past accreditation. This book is no different.

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EdX Courses, Training and Guides

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Udemy - Complete personal Finance Training

Udemy is know for its courses on a basic level. They offer some advanced courses at fair pricing. The customer support and revised content is up to date and offers students good entry level content that can help drive further educational decisions.

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Dissolve Your Debt - The Secret Behind Debt Consolidation

This guide is centralized on the capitalization of historic laws that can enable some people to be debt free via some government loopholes. For the price the book is very informative and offers a decent piece of mind for those whom may be experiencing or will experience significant government debt.

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 Kahn Academy Free Personal Finances Courses and Classes

Kahn Academy is a free tool that offers numerous guides and small courses. These courses often range from 1- 15 chapters or sections for the reader to get a beginners understanding. The free content is a great resource for an investor on a budget.

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