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TrustWallet Company Review

Trustwallet is partnered with Binance and has its own token (TWT) that has grown steadily with the product. The underlying value that cannot be ignored is the decentralized application options, or better known as DAAPS. Users will have the ability to integrate with a large amount of service providers to hold just about any token or coin on the market. This is the major strength of Trustwallet as it helps it's users with diversity and provides broad solutions using all of it's application partners.

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BitFinex Company and Trading Review

Bitfinex offers a large host of services. The platform is an all around great user experience. The wallet is a cut above the industry average in terms of simplicity and options. The pricing is fair for the convenience provided when trading digital assets and storing them accordingly.

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Coinbase Wallet and Platform Review

The original wallet that focused heavy on security. Coinbase has had its finger on the pulse in regards to cybersecurity and asset protection. It's offering of digital assets has been on the rise since 2018. Traders were only able to purchase and sell a select amount of coins for a long period of time. This has now changed and Coinbase still remains a competing company in regards to supremacy in the digital asset space. They release an IPO in 2020 and have been making strong partnerships with big corporations on behalf of their clients to maintain a strong user interface.

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Safemoon Digital Wallet, Exchange and Token

The Safemoon Digital Wallet has released its Beta version of its new proprietary digital wallet. This was released on June 15th, 2021 and is currently going  through its first phase of market testing. This wallet in its early days is showing promising signs of innovation and value. Look for Safemoon to top this list given more time. Read the full review of what we have found so far.

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BitIRA Company Review

• Multi-Sig Wallets: More than one trusted person (including the customer) must authorize any access of funds.
• Personal Hardware Device: The device is personal to each customer, meaning that no one else’s currencies will be on it.
• True Cold Storage: Personal device is housed inside Class III vaults at a state-of-the-art depository, with UL & ULC-rated, multi-redundant security systems, and protected by armed guards around the clock.
• Fully Insured: Assets are fully-insured against any cases of hacks, fraud, theft and mistakes.
• CCSS Compliant: The entire process to create the Digital Currency IRA is compliant with the CryptoCurrency Security Standards (CCSS).

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