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Cryptoversity is a complete digital course that offers its subscribers several options for education. Subscribers can learn the history, tokenomics ( token economics) and the fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading as it pertains to an individual coin. 
The course offers insights into the vulnerabilities of crypto and the strengths it holds. The idea behind this collection of courses is to empower individual investors into knowing what the crypto climate is all about. 
This is the ultimate cryptocurrency educational platform on the market.
The best part is that even though customers are paying fiat currency for this school, Cryptoversity offers and incentive platform for learning about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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Crypto Swap Profits


Crypto Swap Profits is another all inclusive training program that could rival Cryptoversity. It has a large library and offers similar teachings. The course has different focuses  which can be read in the full review. The sales page is a webinar hosted by the creator.

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Crypto Ultimatum


Crypto Ultimatum is focused on automated trading using a Robo-Trader platform. This is for investors who see higher value in passive income and do not mind missing some opportunities. The alerts are very powerful and the algorithms taught in the course are easy to integrate and understand as it is taught step by step.

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Coursera Cryptocurrency Education


Coursera is a heralded online course and training platform that offers entry level and advanced courses in numerous financial sectors. The Coursera blockchain technology courses are some of the best content and interactive training guides.

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