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Gold-Filled or Gold-Plated? Knowing the Difference is Important

Gold-plated and gold-filled are terms individuals simultaneously use when describing jewelry without realizing the key differences. It’s almost like the difference between karat vs. carat in the world of jewelry terminology. The way retailers market gold-filled and gold-plated jewelry can be comparable even though the products have distinct differences. The primary difference between plated and […]
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Top Valuable Coins to Look Out For | Factors for Determining a Coin’s Value

Collecting valuable coins is a rewarding hobby and a way to invest in your financial future. Unfortunately, the process requires substantial time and effort. However, knowing which valuable coins to look out for will help you become a knowledgeable coin collector.Coins are fascinating for many reasons. Some people appreciate the precious metals like gold and

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What Will The Price of Silver Be in 10 Years | Silver IRA Pros and Cons

Anyone interested in investing has probably considered trading precious metals at some point. Gold is the traditional choice for precious metal trading, but buyers and sellers have had a lot of success trading silver. Like gold, the price of silver has an excellent track record throughout history, and silver can serve the same function as

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Gold IRA Rollover Guide – Should I Do a Gold IRA Rollover or Gold IRA Transfer?

From Oxford Gold GroupIn today’s uncertain economic climate, many people are looking for ways to hedge their retirement accounts to combat inflation. Gold IRAs provide a way for investors to put their money in precious metals.While many people feel that their standard employer-provided 401(k) will be enough to sustain them through their golden years, more

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