June 8, 2021

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The Cryptoversity Overview

Cryptoversity is the most comprehensive digital asset course on the market. Students can earn Bitcoin learning about cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology. Courses on the history of bitcoin and its applications. There are many resources relating to security and confiscation. There are numerous guides on making money with cryptocurrency as well. Upon successful completion of a course or guide, the student gets paid in bitcoin which can be used however the student chooses. .

 All courses carry a money back guarantee which eliminates cost vs value risk to the student. Cryptoversity is looking to maximize the investment set fourth by the investor.

The curriculum is designed for its subscribers to gain wealth progressively. The course content is easily digestible video learning. Making it convenient to revisit content and simplify any reviewing process.

Content that is simple to follow in the cryptocurrency space is a large benefit not carried by most courses on the web. The community is very helpful in this respect. It is large and filled with peer traders will to refer their peers to specific content or even collaborate on an individual and group level.

You will be able to access a strong reports on the history of Bitcoin and how it came to prominence. In turn, understanding how it related to the market today. There are many people interpweting the cryptocurrency market which is still in infancy. This mean speculation is a common theme among some popular courses.

The course remains factual and makes good efforts to keep speculation out of the conversation. This is difficult in this sector as high degree teaching in the investor space is often subjective and requires trust in historical success.

You will learn about blockchain technology and its adoption into main stream economics. 

In total there are over 15 large guides and courses. The content is updated and added frequently that satiates most students indefinitely.

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Product Rating Summary For Cryptoversity Courses

98% Overall

The detail and consistency offered in this course are unmatched. The framework and educational components required to launch a successful course are all present. The course can broadly discern where success and failure are found within the industry.

The course admins only request one thing from their students. The willingness to put theoretical knowledge to the test on a regular basis to gradually grow wealth. This is not a "get rich quick" type of course. If you, the person reading this are here for that, we recommend looking elsewhere.

Customer Results


  • Most Comprehensive library  
  • Over 20 different courses included
  • Content updated frequently
  • Customers are reporting good results
  • Community is massive and very helpful


  • High one time fee  
  • The shear amount of content can leave users feeling overwhelmed
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Blockchain Security Essentials

This course is designed with security of personal assets. The cyber crime in the crypto space is still relevant and must be safeguarded against. You will learn how to make your digital assets nearly impossible to be hacked and stolen. Piece of mind is everything. While security is relatively inexpensive, integration it can be tricky.

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This is for anyone who ever got a little anxious about the activities in the crypto world. The purpose is to cultivate confidence and dispel fear.

By the end of this course an investor will know...

  • Part of a growing but still small community that could never be hacked.
  • You'll notice a significant increase in computer security: Protecting yourself from technological hacking is one aspect of security. This course gives you the tools and techniques to keep the bad guys out.
  • You will be taught how to detect scams within the industry and be able to ward off any service that is not providing a solution.
  • You'll gain access to fundamental security standards: There are a few basic security standards that apply to all cryptographic systems. These values are for life. You will have them for your entire career.

All the lessons are available right away and offer a solution for a robust and practical knowledge of security systems within the cryptocurrency space. Learning to leverage blockchain technology and understanding its fundamentals at the security level will eliminate any shadows that may hover over an investors digital wallet.

The Master Crypto Trader

The truth is that most investors actually lose money when investing beyond one year. This is due to a number of reasons and can mostly be attributed to a handful of factors. Some of the factors include:

 - Little knowledge of the market

 - Over confidence

-  Panic selling

- Discontinuing education

You can have a solid grasp and understanding one week and be completely in the dark the next. It is important to keep a finger on the pulse and have other investors helping with research. Establishing a community where there is a well of knowledge is important not only for information, but remaining humble.

The story is very different for well-informed and prepared traders. In reality, most crypto price fluctuations are largely predictable if you follow these strategies based on statistical analysis, market indices, and repeating predictable chart patterns.

Making successful trades consistently is actually more simple than one might expect. It just doesn't happen in the blink of an eye. Therefore while you learn it can be beneficial to have some experts acting as a proxy before investing capital. Smaller budgets benefit from this is a big way.

What You Will Know By The End Of This Course…..

  • The most important trading secrets for success. This is the most beneficial content within the course that carries over for a long time. 
  • Invest in the best charting and trading software: You will be shown some of the best industry charting software and how to use it effectively.
  • Prices and charting - Technical analysis that doesn't have you sat in front of a screen for hours on end. Learning how to set signals and alerts to help automate the buying and selling process. With practice the investor will notice that they are earning back more time and are thus able to manage it better.
  • Price patterns and how they relate to technical analysis - getting signals well before they are needed with a pre populated entry and exit point will have you investing without the mental processing and emotion.
  • Trading techniques that generate regular returns - These techniques are fundamental and can be applied consistently to help increase the odds of a return. Increasing your likelihood of generating a green trade is how investors grow gradually.
  • "What should the chart look like when i buy?" What should it look like when I need to sell?" These are answered in great detail within the study. best practices will show exactly how to know when to hold em, and know when to fold em.
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Why Our Current System Is Broken

Cryptocurrency is in a regulatory grey area on the country and state level. taxes are different everywhere and hidden taxes are a common occurrence. Do you like paying taxes on your income? How about taxes you didn't even know existed? Learn about the tax climate and ever changing landscape that pertains to your money. Some courses will teach you effective ways to make money, though most do not teach you to protect it from hackers or the tax man.

These are the videos in which you will have access to that relate the problem in the title, with the cryptocurrency world.

  • Inflation - The Silent Robber
  • The Federal Reserve Is A Private Company
  • All Fiat Currencies Have Collapsed
  • Trust And Power Are Centralised
  • Banks Own The Money Deposited In Them
  • Summary - Why Our System Is Broken
  • Bonus: Banks Can Legally Take Your Money

Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets

Wallets are a hot topic because they all work differently. most coins use different technologies and operate on different platforms. This is the decentralized nature of the game. In the course you can explore for yourself what pertains to your situation and discuss any recommendations with the community or the administrators.

  • An Explanation Of Bitcoin Wallets
  • The Different Types of Wallet
  • Desktop Wallet - Bitcoin Core
  • The Best Web and App Wallet To Start
  • Hardware Wallets
  • Paper Wallets
  • Multi-Signature Wallets

How To Get Some Bitcoin

This is a really interesting course snippet that can have Bitcoin novices earning quickly. Students can visit this section and often learn a way to monetize the skills they already posses by getting paid in bitcoin or developing the technology.

  • Buying Bitcoin With Cash
  • The Simplest Bitcoin Exchange there is
  • Earning Bitcoin Every Time You Search
  • Many More Ways To Get Bitcoin

The Secrets Of The Bitcoin Triangle

This is the foundation. Starting from ground zero this is your all encompassing Bitcoin 101 course. Students are able to realize the ethics that Bitcoin was built upon. How it has transformed and ultimately the 3 things that make Bitcoin so powerful.

The triangle is something created by the developers but has been used as an analytical staple in the past. This analogy has been refined and updated by the team.

This course is trying to connect the dots. Simply helping the investor fundamentally understand everything there is about Bitcoin.

By The End Of This Course, You Will...

  1. Create a personal Bitcoin wallet
  2. Have the most stable wallet possible and be 10 steps ahead of most Bitcoin Wallet users
  3. 20+ ways to realistically make money using Bitcoin by leveraging its technology.
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The Final Review of Cryptoversity

This is the all around bootstrap and high flyer course. All types of investors are finding success and have been excited about the future when using cryptoversity.

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This is not for those trying to make 1 million dollars tomorrow.
This is for the intelligent investor who understands ( or wishes to understand) market volatility and believes wealth should be generated progressively.

The 30 day money back guarantee offers a good barrier to entry for those who are skeptical or have been burned in by past trading courses.

The initial cost can be a large barrier for some. those who are dedicated will find the cost to be nominal for the hours of content provided to your fingertips.

If you believe crypto has a future and you want to join a community that is changing the sector for the better. Enroll in Cryptoversity, We'll see you in there !

They also offer loads of free video content for those who may be on the fence about the course. You can view some of those videos here.

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