June 8, 2021

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The Story about the Complete Debt Relief Manual

The Complete Debt Relief Manual isthe ultimate source for credit card debt, credit repair and financial planning. It is detail oriented and related to nearly any financial situation. It contains contingency plans for dealing with collections, lawsuits, other creditors and even the IRS. The knowledge contained in this book would cost the average American thousands to acquire through trial and error or simple research alone.  This information will be able to be carried far into the future and be revisited often. We recommend buying straight from the sales page to earn a free consultation with John Oswald himself. This carries a high value.

Product Rating Summary Review for the Complete Debt Relief Guide

99% Overall

This book is a complete, systematic guide to freeing yourself financially. The fact that this book is not used in college is hard to beleive after taking in the content. This book could put creditors out of business if it was in the hands of every American.

This book can save readers valuable time, money and stress with applicable knowledge.



  • Top Rated Content  
  • Free consultation offer with the author
  • The system has proven to work
  • Extremely cheap for value provided


  • Shipping can take up to 2 weeks on rare occasions  

There are tons of books that deal with any one of the problems you're dealing with - Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation,  Budgeting, Credit Repair, IRS Debt, Bankruptcy, etc.  To get the information I'm offering in The Complete Debt Relief Manual, you would have to stack those other books up a foot high.

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The book is refined down to mandatory procedures and starting points to resolve debt.  The book is zero-fluff, little hype and does not waste time.  Readers can easily find a jumping off point that relates to their personal situation.

This book has many fundamental elements that empower the reader to;

  • Create a simple budget
  • Decide the best way to eliminate your debt
  • Eliminate your debt in the fastest way possible
  • Handle the creditors
  • Avoid (or deal with) lawsuits
  • Avoid (or declare, if you must) bankruptcy
  • Negotiate with the IRS
  • Rebuild your credit
  • Save your money

Testimonials From the Complete Debt Relief Community

"bought "The Complete Debt Relief Manual" for my e-reader. It contains excellent advice. If you're in a financial jam, aren't sure where to turn, trust me this book will lead you through the difficult steps. It'll save you the frustration of seeking help from folks who promise you help but do nothing. They only take your money. Follow the author's advice. It's working for me. It'll work for you."
- Arthur in Los Angeles

"I read the book...it's what we're talking about right now in our financial management class.  It's just good, practical, advice.You can share your own personal mistakes and lessons, like we do with our children, and hopefully they will listen and not make the same mistakes.  This should really help people.  Hopefully they can get it before they get taken in by a debt relief company."
- Pastor Daryl in West Palm Beach

Those seeking further financial recovery guide can visit the Top 5 personal finance and Debt Relief Programs

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