June 8, 2021

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Safemoon Overview

Safemoon is one of the newest cryptocurrencies that we think you will have great interest in. You can invest in the company like other cryptocurrencies, but you may face "penalties" when you trade. Do not worry, as this penalty is just a 10% deduction if you sell. Of this deduction, 5% goes to other users.

Safemoon's valuation is continually increasing even though the company just launched in March 2021. There are already over one million users and investors with the company. We personally believe that this company may be one worth considering for your next crypto investment.

Features of Safemoon

  • Static rewards dependent on the value of the cryptocurrency you are trading
  • Passive rewards even if you are not trading so your valuation continually grows
  • Higher payments for the more coins that you have in your account at the time of selling or trading
  • Large coin base when you sign up
  • Automatic liquidity pool with a price floor that anyone can attain to
  • 5% back on any coins sold by other investors
  • Manual burns that provide announcements prior to burning
  • Public tracking of coins that burn away and leave the circulation
  • Ability to purchase crypto coins by the mutilation of credit and debit cards through Simplex
  • Digital wallet tracker is present on the website to help you monitor the valuation of your coins at any moment
  • Ability to view rankings and the leaderboard from the digital wallet without actually having one of your own
  • Digital forums to allow you to exchange ideas with others and gather help from the community
  • Community calendar on the website to view events and new releases
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Safemoon is such a new platform, but it already has a valuation of over $2.4 billion. This valuation does not put it at one of the top crypto companies, but it can hold its own. We recommend buying coins sooner than later as each coin is worth around $0.000004, which is very inexpensive.

Pros and Cons


  • Inexpensive pricing for coins
  • High number of investors
  • Constant rewards through passive giving and the manual liquidation
  • Manual burns and digital wallets to allow you to know when to trade or sell
Safemoon has innovative technology that is sure to please. It is also inexpensive to start with and trustworthy in the investors Safemoon already has.


  • Not much is known
  • Fee for trading or selling
When you decide to sell or trade your coins, there is a 10% fee. This is also a new company, so there is not known about Safemoon.

Safemoon Purchasing Options

Only four locations currently exist where you can buy Safemoon currency. The first is Pancake Swap. With this software, you are in total control of what you buy. This means that the software is not central to any location. Unfortunately, the decentralization does allow for some security concerns.

If security concerns do not sit well with you, use Bitmart instead. This provider has a reputation for being trustworthy and professional. There are also locations across the world for any level of trade you need.

The other two options are WhiteBit and Bakery Swap. For some of these exchange providers, you have to download Trust Wallet for your purchases. To avoid this extra step, Safemoon itself has plans to make a wallet for purchases.
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Safety of Safemoon

The pricing of cryptocurrency through Safemoon is not much different than it was at the beginning. If you want to know whether you are safe to invest, you likely will not notice a large return from a price jump. What you will garnish a return from, however, is the number of people who continue to buy this crypto.

Safemoon is not a scam and seems trustworthy. Always remember that cryptocurrency prices are volatile and can change at any moment. Prepare yourself also for the fees that Safemoon charges on trades and sales.

Safemoon can be worthwhile if you start small. Do consider the newness of this company when determining how much to invest. You never know what may happen to Safemoon in the future. We recommend you at least take a look to determine if the investment is worthwhile for your own investing strategies.

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