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June 30, 2021

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RocketDollar Company Review 

Rocket Dollar is an investment company that can help you establish a self-directed IRA that will accept any type of investment to be held as part of your retirement account. RocketDollar accounts reach far beyond just holding stocks and bonds or even being limited to precious metals.

Any type of investment can be held in a RocketDollar account because of how the account is established. This type of IRA will allow you to greatly diversify your retirement account without being limited to specific stocks and bonds offered by traditional IRA accounts.

Rocket Dollar - Main Features

•When you open a Rocket Dollar account, you create an investment opportunity, not just a retirement account. Rocket Dollar accounts give you, the investor, full control over what is purchased and placed in your account. The account is not restricted to stocks and bonds or limited by account management preferences.

•When you open a Rocket Dollar IRA, you are also opening a Rocket Dollar LLC (Limited Liability Corporation). This means that the IRA is held by the LLC and is a business entity. The corporation will then hold the assets for your retirement account in compliance with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations.

•You will also receive an LLC checkbook. This checkbook allows you to purchase investments directly to be held by your retirement account. For example, if you see an investment property that you would like to own for your retirement, purchase it through your Rocket Dollar account, and it becomes part of your retirement assets. Always speak with a local financial advisor to ensure any assets you are considering are within the current guidelines for retirement investing – the laws are always changing and may be influenced by state laws.

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•Accounts can be established in as little as ten minutes. Rocket Dollar has streamlined the process so that you can begin investing in your future as soon as possible.

Rocket Dollar Pricing

Rocket Dollar has two types of accounts: Standard and Gold.

Standard Accounts have a one-time establishment fee of $360 and have a monthly fee of $15. These fees include things like establishing the LLC, personal investment dashboard, ongoing customer support, and several other support services.

Gold Accounts have a $600 initial establishment fee and are $30 per month. Gold accounts offer all of the standard account services but have additional benefits such as prepared tax forms and a debit card.

Pros and Cons


• Rocket Dollar accounts are very simple to set up, and there are no investment minimums to open an account.
•There is an extensive range of assets you can place in a rocket account that cannot be held in traditional IRA accounts.
•Being able to diversify your retirement savings allows you to protect yourself from market fluctuations
•Establishing your account as an LLC gives you different tax advantages


•Account establishment costs are a little high
•Monthly maintenance fees

A Detailed Look At Rocket Dollar

Rocket Dollar accounts present investors with a unique opportunity to diversify their retirement savings. In addition, these self-directed IRAs are even more versatile than a gold or precious metal IRA because of the way the account is created.

When you open an account with Rocket Dollars, you create a new Limited Liability Company, or LLC, in your name so that the company can “hold” your retirement investments. This designation allows you to broaden the types of investments that you can purchase and remain in compliance with IRA regulations from the IRS.

For example, when you hold your retirement account in this type of IRA, you can diversify your investments to include investments such as:

•Precious metals – gold, silver, platinum, and palladium that meet IRS purity standards
•Investment properties
•Promissory Notes
•Undeveloped Land
•Peer-to-Peer Lending
•Angel Investing
•Business Lending or Venture Capital
•Timber Deeds
•Promissory Notes

There are more options available. When you start investing, you should always check with a financial advisor to see what other options may be available. These options are always changing, and you may have access to even more opportunities than listed above.

When you have your retirement savings diversified, you place yourself in a position to be protected from market fluctuations and financial industry turmoil. The old saying of “never place all of your eggs in one basket” also applies to your investments.

There is a one-time setup fee for establishing this account. This fee covers all of the paperwork for establishing an LLC to hold your retirement account, as well as any necessary paperwork processing for rolling over other retirement accounts to fund this account.

There is no minimum investment to open this retirement account, and you can contribute to the account regularly. However, there are different yearly contribution limits for this type of account. Therefore, you should verify IRS limits regularly so that you can take full advantage of what you can invest.

There is a monthly fee for having this account. The Standard Account has a $15 monthly fee that covers many services that Rocket Dollar offers. The Gold Account is $30 per month and includes all of the basic services plus additional services like ta form preparation and a debit card for the account.

The Rocket Dollar account has checking account features. So when you come across a great investment opportunity, write a check and make your purchase. The LLC will then own the investment as part of your retirement. It is that easy.

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Final Thoughts in this Rocket Dollar Review

If you want to be more aggressive with the types of investments you have for your retirement, the Rocket Dollar account will be a good choice for you. The one-time setup fee is worth the investment if you want to be able to diversify your IRA.

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