June 8, 2021

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There has been wide consensus that crude oil was tone of the most stable investments in the markets over history. With the demand for new energy rising, Precious metals may be a better vehicle for your stable investments.

There has been consistent growth in the Gold and Silver markets this year with little volatility. This is ordinary throughout history when discussing these two metals. Every investor who has invested in gold over the last 3 years is now currently sitting on more value than they currently were before. On average the investor would need to hold for a minimum of three months to realize any gains as there are small fluctuations within the past few years.

With an abundance of gloomy news from the previous year up to now, the demand for gold and other precious metals has spiraled, catapulting the yellow metal higher because of several trends. These trends have experts predicting a bull market based on supply demand alone. These trends are again, relevant throughout history. You may be interested in reading Gold- A Historical truth if you are considering a precious metal investment.

Due to this, many people are now considering the idea of investing in valuable metals like gold. If you are one of them but cannot decide what to do next, check out websites like the company Goldco or its rival Augusta precious metals to know how you can get started in investing in and owning precious metal assets.

Economical To Purchase

Metals like gold and silver are among the most popular metals and should be in consideration when discussing a precious metal backed IRA

The markets are teaming with abundance when it comes to the availability to the retail investor. The investor needs to look for the right company or firm to make these purchases from. We highly recommend checking out the Top 5 Gold IRA companies to invest in when considering purchase, storage and custodial options.

Investors have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to investing in metals. For instance, investors who have a hard time investing in a full ounce of metal like gold can still go for a more affordable and reliable precious metal like silver.

Essential Use

Interestingly, both silver and gold are found in everyday products such as jewelry, ornaments, batteries, electronics, silverware, cars and phones. This creates unprecedented demand for the limited resources. This means that holding onto this asset long enough can yield strong results.

These valuable metals are even used by major industries to manufacture various items ranging from luxurious jewelry to solar panels. The medical field uses a large amount of these metals for manufacturing machines and equipment. The medical sector will never cease to exist. 

Gold and silver are two of the most indispensable metals in the world. Apart from their considerable prices and the continuous demand for both of them, gold and silver are also known to possess some of the rarest characteristics in terms of electrical conductivity, reflectivity and thermal conductivity.

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The properties listed above are a strong reason why they are used so frequently in the industrial sector. 

Increasing Global Demand

The demand for precious metals, such as gold and silver, has been reported to surge in the previous year. Despite many economic uncertainties and market volatilities it has encountered. The supply has shortened rapidly while demand has stayed the same. This could show a surge in the market.

Commodity Exchange-Traded Funds

One of the most important things you should know when investing in precious metals is the importance of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which can be used to buy all of the major securities of a specific industry index.

These ETF's can offer a bit more liquidity and hedge against specific sectors.

However, investing in ETFs does not give you access to the commodity in its physical form. There are security measure put in place to prevent things like fraud and theft. This means you can own the assets short term and not have to worry about finding a buyer when it's time to resell. For this we recommend RocketDollar alternative asset trading.


You can buy coins and bullion bars in physical form. These must be stored well and kept safe.

This form of investing can be a bit worrying. Designed for those with a time weighted investment strategy, bullion and coins can be great for those with no immediate need to sell. This form of investment is generally undertaken by those who are looking for a less liquid form of investing. If you are seeking liquidity, Consider these 5 Gold IRA companies that will be able to sell and store on your behalf.

Types Of Valuable Metals

Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are some of the most sought after precious metals in the world for their applications and growing value.

Many people think of gold when discussing precious metal investment opportunities. The other three Precious metals listed above are IRS approved to hold in an IRA.


Known to many as the king of metals. Gold is renowned for its stability, inflation fighting power and accessibility.

The gold market shows little impact by the supply and demand of other assets, which makes it a ‘haven’ in times of economic failure. 

The price of gold has been stable despite the many turbulent times that other markets around the world have had to endure. This is one of the major reasons why people choose to invest in gold and other prized metals.

Metals in general typically serve as an ideal fallback alternative whenever there is a market crisis, the investment can turn a profit for most individuals.

Investing in gold allows for substantial control over the price of those who hold the asset, particularly when there is market variability, which can cause a spiraling of prices in the market.

Whenever there are below average low-interest rates among other assets on the market, there is a likelihood of observing various prominent moves toward gold.

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Silver and gold often move side by side when examining the charts. This can be beneficial for low-middle income and investment budgets as silver trades significantly lower than gold.

Previous happenings around the world created demand for silver. This has value, while the price is gradually rising higher than gold as the latter’s prices entered into a correction phase this year.

Most experts agree that silver has outperformed Gold in 2021 and we agree. Given the exponential growth of compounding and squeezing the dollar to get the most asset. Those who invested in silver would have seen an almost double investment growth has they invested in January 2021.

Silver is an ever growing choice among precious metal investors. It has many selections in terms of physical and liquid assets. The demand created by the pandemic has catalyzed its growth and forecasts are expecting this to continue into 2022

Many people see silver as the poor, younger brother of gold. They would have been right 30 years ago. Silver works a little differently than gold as it tends to be more valuable during prosperous markets. It shows higher volatility but has in turn, shown significant growth.


One of the rarest metals on the planet is rarely considered when investors are in the decision making process. Why is this?

There are two main factors as to why7 platinum trades less frequent. One, it is much more expensive than the latter metals being discussed. And two, many don't realize that it is IRS approved for purchase.

Platinum is used in surplus within the automotive industry. Even some electric cars have platinum inside the main components of the vehicle.


One of the lesser-known and underrated precious metals in the world is palladium. Compared to the previous three metals, this one has more industrial uses.

Commonly used in many types of manufacturing processes, palladium is a shiny, silvery metal that is found in numerous electronics and industrial products.

Apart from that, this precious metal is also used in medicine, dentistry, jewelry, chemical reactions and groundwater treatment.

Several countries like Russia, Canada, South Africa and the United States are the primary suppliers of this rare metal. Palladium was initially incorporated into jewelry in 1939.


Choosing the right type of investment can be a tricky process. You have worked hard for your money and you want to get it right. Stable investments are a resource that experts and beginners alike can turn to when they need some investment defense.

Precious metals are and continue to be the safest investment behind very select mutual funds and ETF's. We recommend looking at our Spot price chart and historical Spot price chart to discern when the best time to buy might be. If you are reading this and already hold onto some precious metals, it may be a good idea to evaluate another buying opportunity or exit point for your investments.

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Crude oil has never been the safest investment despite what some experts may say. The argument is simple. The world is changing to better renewable energy.

Much like precious metals, there is only so much of it that will be provided by the earth. The chief difference is that we don't burn our precious metals at an alarming rate. Precious metals may be decreasing in supply. But those who own it won't need to buy more when the resource runs out.

Check out our Top 5 Precious Metal IRA Companies to start your journey to stability today.

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