June 8, 2021

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This is a subscription service targeting penny stock buying opportunities. Started back in 2008, the company has been running for over 10 years. Today, the subscriber count is in the thousands. At its core the main objective is to provide traders a leg up in penny stock trading.

Used as an online newsletter, Microcap subscribers will benefit from alerts on the top penny stocks to buy and sell each week. The top picks are chosen using Matt’s trading expertise. These signals are sent out and subscribers can leverage the merit and reasoning behind the picks. In turn they can use the trust factor built into matt's historical success in trading penny stocks.

Some services will only market to expensed or novice traders. Microcap Millionaires is designed with all levels of traders in mind including intermediate and seasoned traders. Beginners will reap the majority of benefits it covers. Many basics of penny stock trading are included with purchase. For instance, as a beginner, you will learn how to observe the market in an objective way, read and interpret  price fluctuations and how to come up with a non emotional trade plan.

The service was originally created for the investor will a smaller account. The starting objective is to grow these smaller accounts over time. The focus has not shifted however, more recently traders from all backgrounds have been subscribing for more insight and valuable trading alerts.

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Product Rating Summary for Microcap Millionaires

89% Overall

The Microcap millionaire platform is an educational and alert subscription based service that teaches and helps investors maximize their penny stock strategies. Often resulting in moderate growth for small accounts. The monthly subscription fee has been reported to be eclipsed when being compared to the return on investment these signals have provided in the past.

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Customer results


  • Affordable service  
  • Matt has over a decade of experience and results
  • Give insight into alternate stocks beyond penny stocks
  • Can help grow a small account
  • Platform is friendly and has large community support


  • The sales pitch is not for everyone. 
  • Alerts come only through email

Trading in Penny Stocks

Trading small-cap stocks can cultivate large gains as a consequence of the market volatility and low price you pay per share. this can be attractive as well for those with low startup costs. having prior trading experience you can make substantial returns consistently within a small time window. Unfortunately, microcap stocks are a popular selling point for scammers and investors should be aware that not all guru's or courses are designed with equal intention.

Should you be interested in starting to trade in the micro-cap realm, Matt's service may be what you are looking for. He has dozens of testimonials and demonstrates historical results.

Top Features of the Service

1. Weekly Alerts and Signals

The subscriber to the microcap millionaire service will receive weekly stock picks via email that has the potential to help you realize big gains. The picks include short, medium and long-term holds which makes the program perfect for all time weighted investor strategies. Matt will offer specifics in terms of price and when to enter a trade.

2. The Community Forum

Like minded traders gather in this forum to discuss ideas and results. Here, novice traders will get to learn more trading strategies from seasoned traders. Within the forum, more ideas are generated in regards to popular picks among traders, liberating Matt from being your only resource. While sometimes picks from other traders will yield results, you need to be more careful. Moreover, the largest benefit of the forum is having your questions answered quickly to help with time sensitive decisions.

3. Technical Analysis

Matt has a no frills technical analysis program. Meaning that he is able to consistently use similar indicators to discover his next pick. He will be able to clearly identify why he is choosing a specific stock. Likewise, the repetition and comprehensive strategy has little nuances. Making it easy to memorize and relate to the decision making process.

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4. The Microcap Millionaire watchlist

There is a large watchlist for popular stocks and trends that are nearly ready to implement an entry and exit strategy. This watchlist can help with fundamental learning and educate any type of investor to new ways of vetting a business. This encourages the practice of both technical analysis and fundamental investing.

5. Educational Materials

Videos and literature are immediately available to any subscriber. Even those who are participating in the free trial.

The videos also cover basic topics such as money management, technical analysis, and resistance. Also included are lots of downloadable reports containing similar information found in the videos to help you learn how and why Matt picks the stocks he does.

6. Bonus Content and Education

Signing up before the summer sale can yield some good savings for those with a lower budget. Visit the website to see if Matt is running any promotions for his subscription service.

There is a free trial available for any new prospective user. The trial can offer valuable insight into what the course is governed around and most importantly the type of culture within the subscriber base.

What Makes it Different From Stock Picking Services?

 You will be learning from Matt’s past losses and how he is able to avoid these losses in present day. The platform does not need you to spend excessive money to get the experience of trading penny stocks successfully.

What’s more? The founder of the company gives you a free trial with two picks and one of his most profitable strategies when you sign up. This is designed to give you an idea of what the platform is all about and how it works prior to making a long-term investment.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Matt clearly states on his landing page that all subscribers are afforded a money back guarantee if they feel the value for cost is not met.

30 Days


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