June 9, 2021

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The Kahn Academy Review

Khan Academy is a nonprofit in the learning and education sector. Since it is a nonprofit, you can learn about many different topics on the platform at no charge to you. You will find courses that cover virtually any skill, as hundreds are available for free.

Salman Khan created Khan Academy in the year 2008 to help others. Content is on the Khan Academy platform in the form of tutorial videos. Read below to see why we recommend this Khan Academy for your educational journey.

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Product Rating Summary 

85% Overall


  • Level system that helps you keep track of your learning goals that gives you experience points for your motivation
  • Personalized dashboard that accommodates your specific needs and provides you specifics about your progress
  • Instructional videos on virtually any skill with exercises to help you practice what you learn
  • High-quality content provided by leading experts in the specific skills the tutorial videos cover
  • Keyword search to help you find the specific video that will meet the needs for the skills you want to develop
  • An advertisement-free platform so that you can solely focus on the work that is in front of you
  • Practice exercises and videos for teachers to use in their classrooms that are standard for state exams
  • Specific teacher tools that help you to monitor a student's progress on the platform for a specific tool
  • Parent access to monitor student progress to determine a student's progress
  • Simple and user-friendly interface for any user that is quickly learnable and guides you through the process for a seamless experience
uder interface
customer results


  • Free for anyone to use and no subscriptions even offered
  • No advertisements so you can focus, all donation-based
  • High-quality content accessible for everyone
  • Courses available for almost any skill
  • Tools available for every user including students, teachers, and parents
  • User-friendly interface
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  • Some content lacking for specific skills within greater industries  
  • The platform feels a bit outdated and could use some improved graphics
Khan Academy has very few cons to mention in this review. We have strong impressions of this nonprofit and educational platform. It would be nice to see a few more courses for more specific skills under a broader industry umbrella. The interface could also use an upgrade to appear more visually attractive to users.

Starting an Account

Now that you are ready to start your Khan Academy training, you need to create your account. As a teacher or parent, you need an account to monitor the progress of your students. Do not worry, as Khan Academy will guide you through the sign-up process.

To start, you will go to the website and the homepage and indicate if you are a teacher or parent. Students can finish their accounts when a teacher or parent adds them to their platform. After completing the form, you have full access to the coaching tools.

If you are a student and a teacher or parent did not add you, you can create your account at Khan Academy. Look for the button that says sign up as a student and fill in your information. After, you can add the information for your parent or your teacher if appropriate.

Accessing Courses

If you sign up as a parent or teacher, you can direct your student towards specific courses on the platform. If you are a teacher, you can even assign these courses and exercises to your students. They can then complete them for classwork or homework.

As a student, you can search for courses that pique your interest and begin learning right away. A menu is also available from your dashboard that divides the content by specific topic areas or by the industries that use the skills.
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Course Reviews

It is natural to worry about the quality of these courses when considering they are completely free. As mentioned throughout our review, however, the content is of extremely high quality. Almost every review found for the platform raves about the quality, and it is relatively difficult to find a negative review.

As we mentioned, sometimes, you may have difficulty finding a course on a specific skill set in your industry or for your student's learning. Khan Academy consistently adds new content to their platform, so always check back.

Follow Through with Khan Academy

It is difficult for us to find another website that has the benefits that Khan Academy has. Khan Academy is rare since it is one of the only e-learning platforms free to use and has high-quality content. It may just be worth it to sign up and try it out, whether you are the learner or the coach. You never know the type of content that you will be able to find to grow your or your students' skills.

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