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January 9, 2022

How to Choose a Gold Company You Can Rely on

Isaac Nuriani    |

Dec 31, 2021

  • Hundreds of companies sell gold IRAs, and it’s difficult to choose.
  • Use these criteria to filter out the best gold IRA provider for your financial situation.

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Article sourced from Augusta Precious Metals

Most people looking to buy physical gold and silver are the type of people who don’t like anyone telling them what to do. They have an independent streak. They buy physical gold to give themselves a sense of separation and freedom from the damage that can be caused by shifting markets or fickle governments.

People buy physical gold and silver to get an asset likely to retain its value regardless of what’s happening in the rest of the world. Over generations, many investors have noticed that physical precious metals tend to hold value or even increase in times of economic crisis. So, gold and silver provide an excellent way to protect your savings.

Many prospective buyers of physical gold and silver are savvy consumers who do a lot of their own research before they find a company that is a good match and decide to buy. Maybe that’s you, too. But, before you leap headfirst into the physical silver and gold market, it’s important to find a trusted source, with a gold IRA team that’s highly familiar with the economy and precious metals markets and is willing to share everything they know to help you assemble your physical gold and silver portfolio.

Of course, we hope that ends up being Augusta for you. But in this article, I’m going to share some good advice for choosing whichever company you decide to go with to help you set up your gold or silver IRA.

Why Do You Need a Gold Company?

In any industry, it’s the experts who know best. Rewiring your house by yourself or doing your own plumbing might work out okay in the end, but it also can lead to disaster and end up costing far more than it would if you had just hired an expert to help. Whatever field you work in, you’ve probably seen an amateur bite off more than they can chew and end up suffering for it.

It’s the same with physical precious metals! Finding an expert is critical to successfully understanding your investment in gold and silver and quickly and easily opening an account.

We see so many otherwise intelligent buyers take a wrong step based on weak information or sales pressure from companies that just want to cash in on the newest precious metals buying surge. So here is some advice about what you should look for…

The Most Important Qualities in a Precious Metals Company/Physical Gold Dealer

There are a lot of physical gold companies out there vying for your attention these day, with all sorts of ads to make you fear the future or promising you riches. Neither one of these situations (fear and riches) are true, and if you’re speaking with a reputable gold IRA company, it will not be necessary for them to use those tactics.

So, how do you find a physical gold dealer you can trust to supply you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your purchases? These are the most important qualities:

  1. Look for a knowledgeable, down-to-earth company you can use as a resource any time before, during and after the transaction.
  2. Find a company that can arm you with information and tools that help you make your own choices.
  3. Choose a company that doesn’t try to scare or pressure you into pulling the trigger without thinking things through.
  4. Vet out a company that can prove its expertise through educational tools and overwhelming good reviews – and NO complaints.
  5. Finally, choose a company with a relationship-based business model, a high level of transparency in all transactions, and an unflinchingly positive reputation.
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Let me share a few more details about some of these criteria to help you find the best physical gold dealer for IRAs (for you)…

Choose a Physical Gold and Silver Company that can Arm You with Information

Some gold salespeople will give you all kinds of unrelated information and unwarranted reasons to buy gold and silver. Make sure the company you are talking with can back up those reasons with honest data. How do you do this? Keep asking questions!

That’s why Augusta’s on-staff Harvard-trained economist created a free, unique one-on-one web conference to share economic information with our customers and potential customers. We also share lots of details about gold and silver IRA accounts – what they are, what you can expect, how to go through the steps, etc.

We also have a robust video library and publish a weekly blog. But best of all, our entire staff is standing by to assist you at a high level for your entire account lifetime. We love it when you ask questions because we exist to help you.

Choose a Company that Can Prove Its Expertise

Any physical gold and silver company you decide to work with needs both (1) deep experience in the precious metals market and (2) a team that actively tracks current social and economic factors influencing the price of gold and silver.

A precious metals company cannot legally offer financial advice, but it can help you uncover important facts about the economy and keep you abreast of relevant world affairs, so you have all the information you need to make an educated decision for yourself and your future.

The company you work with also should be able to clearly and transparently share information about the different types of gold and silver available and which forms of precious metals generally are good for what types of savings goals.

Choose a Company with a Relationship-Based Business Model

More than just acting as a salesperson or middleman, the best gold dealer is the one that approaches clients as real people who have serious concerns — people with whom they would like to have long-term relationships, not just consumers onto which they can offload their product and then move on to another new customer.

To take advantage of gold and silver’s long-term benefits, especially during financially tumultuous times like the one we are experiencing now, you need honest information. As things change, you need a company that will be there for you with new information as needed. Also, the kinds of potential pitfalls that could be on the horizon are not the kind that should be reacted to after the fact. You need a company that will help you think ahead, even if they cannot advise you on your specific situation.

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In fact, you should look for a company with a salesforce that doesn’t earn commission. The enticement of commission leaves a question in your mind whether a sales agent is recommending what’s good for you or just what they think will get a sale. This is where fear tactics come in with other companies. (Beginning in 2022, August will have a no-commission salesforce for this reason. It’s one more way we can reassure our customers and give them confidence in their retirement savings.)

Physical precious metals work best as long-term purchases that can potentially balance your portfolio in troubled times through diversification. For that reason, we believe the best course of action is to work with a 100% specialized precious metals investment company that will be a continuing resource for you over the long term. This allows you to be ready for any bumps in the road ahead!

Choose a Company that Demonstrates Transparency

We’ve already established the incredible value of working with a company that can give you complete economic information when dealing with anything that affects your savings, but this principle doesn’t only apply to world economic affairs.

It’s also important that you have access to complete information about any specific gold and silver company you consider working with. Part of this is getting trustworthy demonstrations that the company is transparent in all areas of its business, including customer communication, transaction processing, and pricing.

Transparent pricing is a particularly important issue. You need to know exactly what you’re buying, how much it will cost (with no hidden fees), and how your choices relate to the rest of the market. If a company is trying to hide this or any information from you, walk away! They don’t have your best interests at heart.

Transparency is a particular point of pride here at Augusta Precious Metals. We’ve been recognized for transparency many times, including being chosen as “Most Trusted in the U.S.” by IRA Gold Advisor and “Best Of” by TrustLink. If you look at the hundreds of written reviews of Augusta, you will see that many of them specifically mention transparency, trust, and no pressure as reasons our customers love Augusta.

Which brings me to the next gold-IRA-company-choosing tip I want to expand on…

Choose a Firm with an Undeniable, Positive Reputation

We’re lucky to live in a modern world where we have the experiences and mistakes of others at our fingertips to help us evaluate the companies we buy from. It’s very easy to get a good view of an organization’s reputation and any problems others have had with them. When we take time to do this research, we can choose companies that are likely to back up their offerings and be attentive, to provide an exceptional customer experience, anytime we have an issue.

A company’s reputation is a direct reflection of how it has done business in the past, and it’s incredibly important to work with a firm that has proven itself.

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Augusta Precious Metals is a great example of a company with a solid reputation. The company focuses on earning glowing reviews and ratings across numerous other business and consumer rating and review sites. Perhaps most importantly, if you look in on our online Better Business Bureau and Business Consumer Alliance profiles, you’ll see something truly amazing: ZERO complaints since our company was founded in 2012!

That means not one customer has been unhappy enough to write a complaint on the universal go-to consumer watchdog website: the BBB. It’s something we are proud of at Augusta because it’s so hard to find, and we’ve worked hard to earn it.

At the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), TrustLink, Google My Business and Facebook, we’ve held steady top ratings for years (the best possible rating) or close to it.

In addition to these official indicators of a positive reputation, we are proud to say that football hall-of-famer and household name Joe Montana independently found Augusta and is a customer and our corporate ambassador. When he asked his advisors to find the best gold company in the U.S., they chose Augusta. Joe anonymously signed up for Augusta’s free one-on-one web conference, and our team didn’t know it was him at first! He loved the mission of our company so much that he is now not only a gold and silver owner but regularly shares his positive Augusta experience with the world.

Don’t Settle—Choose a Gold Company You Can Rely on

I hope all of this is helpful in your journey to find the best gold IRA company for you. Your savings and future financial health are too important to leave them in the hands of a company you can’t see as a trusted, long-term resource.

To recap, you need a company with specific precious metals knowledge and experience, a relationship mindset, demonstrated transparency, and a proven reputation for providing the background, information, and gold and silver products you need to gain peace of mind about your retirement.

If all of those things are in place, then you can think about gold’s price. Look for a company that marks up bullion gold and silver no more than 5%, has no hidden costs and provides value-added price benefits such as free shipping and transit insurance, and promotions that cover some of your custodial and storage fees (Augusta covers up to 10 years!).

Overall, my best advice is to not be shy about asking questions and insisting on proof of these very important company characteristics.

Your precious metals portfolio is not a place where you should settle for a company that is just okay. Exercise your independent streak – insist on excellence in your gold IRA company.


If you believe Augusta Precious Metals could be a positive gold and silver resource for you, we would love to tell you more about us and share what we know about our products and process. Start by clicking here to request our free guide. One of our agents will contact you to find out exactly what you need and provide the right information.


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