June 9, 2021

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Edx Financial Guide Review

There are many e-learning platforms, but few offer the same quality in course content as edX. edX has over 3,000 courses to choose from, divided into over 300 programs and categories. These courses come from some of the top colleges in the United States, including Berkeley and Harvard.

edX came from the brilliant minds of a few professors from Harvard and MIT. Now, there are over 34 million users who learn on the platform daily. The most popular subjects you can learn about include engineering, statistics, and computer science. After completion, you receive a certificate if you are a paid user.

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Product Rating Summary for the EdX Training

89% Overall
  • Verified courses from top universities around the world
  • Over 3,000 courses to choose from that are interactive to help you learn
  • Search bar with options for subject, partner, program, difficulty, language, and availability
  • Course syllabus available to help you know if course is right for you
  • Receipt of a verified certificate after completion of a course that has accredidation
  • Option to take a free course without a grading system or certification via auditing the course
  • Top courses found on the homepage
  • Ability to learn at your own pace to advance your future career
  • Business plans that offer training courses for your employees
  • Business plans are customizable to your training needs
  • Thousands of training courses for businesses and employees to grow their skills
  • Platform is visually fresh and easy to use with intuitive features for your career path
  • Ability to become a partner with edX that gives a percentage of the revenue to you from courses
  • 98%
    student results


    • Accredited certifications
    • Partnerships with top companies like Microsoft and top colleges like Harvard
    • Refund if you are not fully satisfied after 14 days
    • Can audit a course for free
    • Learning is at your own pace and not on a deadline

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    • Inconsistency in courses
    • Very specific courses so some lack of topics
    edX offers specific courses for certain industries in the field. You will not find a broad range of topics like those available on platforms like Udemy and Khan Academy. We find that there is a lack of consistency between courses too. The inconsistency may only be because the partners are in charge of making their courses.

    Starting an Account

    To register for an account with edX, you will navigate first to their website. The website is edx.org. When you arrive at the website, you will see the button labeled "sign up" in the rightmost corner at the top.

    After clicking sign up, you will create an account. You can make an account using your email address or social media, or you can fill in your information manually. You can immediately start to look for courses via the menu or the search bar. After selecting a class, you will enter payment information.

    Courses at edX

    As mentioned, there are over 3,000 courses for you to browse through after signing up. One of the most popular subject areas, however, is computer science. Under this subject, you will find courses on information like cloud development and programming with Python.

    Business courses are also popular, where you can learn about project management. Sign up for a data science course for classes about probability or an engineering course for information on solar energy. Finally, another popular subject area is design, where you can learn about product management or a career in architecture.
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    Finding the Right Course

    With so much to offer, we can imagine how difficult it is to find the perfect course at edX. Start by using the search filters on the search bar to refine your results by subject matter or by the partner. The filters are a great tool if you have a general idea of the skill you want to pursue.

    After finding a course, you can choose to audit it or review the syllabus. Make sure to also look over the learner reviews. Following these steps will help you to determine if a course is right for you. You will not need to waste your money on something that is not right.

    Legitimacy of edX

    The professors who created edX finalized the platform in 2012. It is a nonprofit organization that is safe to use. All of the 3,000 courses come from partners, including over 140 of the top institutions and universities in the world. If you need to learn a specific skill, we believe edX could be the right fit for you.

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