June 8, 2021

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The Story Behind Crypto Ultimatum

Automation used properly can be useful when generating income. If used incorrectly it can be devastating. Some investors do not believe the risk is worth the reward. The only way they might take that risk is seeing others perform similar. That is what is on offer for this course. A full guide into the Crypto ultimatum trading system with one on one setups.

Technical crypto strategies can be difficult because most strategies out there have not been tested for long enough to warrant any confidence from the average investor. Consistency in all types of crypto markets would need to be show throughout at least a decade to be considered trustworthy.

The most significant aspect here is that the novice crypto investor does not need prior technical knowledge due to the systematic approach taken by the course. Learning determinations and even the language in the crypto space can often leave little room for strategy development... even for an expert. There is an over the shoulder series that is very helpful in having students start off on the right track.

Investors will learn to analyze and optimize small positions based on the algorithm. This helps cultivate a trading strategy and further helps prepare for scaling up your position sizes.

There are expert alerts constantly and they are usually very strong. Some refer to the main strategy as "scalp" trading. However, this is just a simple method that is taught to beginners to show how short term trading can be beneficial. There are hundreds of ways to automate your coin pairings. The insights provided in this course unlock a whole lot of those ways to earn income through automation.

Product Rating Summary 

89% Overall

The Crypto Ultimatum course utilizes Robo Trading platforms to help users generate consistent passive income. These incomes can be used in a variety of coin pairings that are sent out by the administrators. Users of this platform have reported making modest profits on a consistent level.

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Customer Results


  • Greatest course for those short on long term time 
  • Chronological and systematic setup and integration
  • More reasonably priced than most software
  • The system is easy to learn
  • The customer and community support is strong
  • Teachers are easy to understand


  • You pay a high fee to enroll ( This is for the automation software) 
  • Alerts are less consistent than some other courses
  • Could have a bit more fundamental content

Who is the Program Suited for?

This program is suited for patient investors who like the idea of making consistent successful trades. This is achiveable through the automation software and on a manual level.

The system is responsive and can generate daily profits. Some users have reported only needing to visit the dashboard for 10 minutes a day.

This is marketed to those who wish to make income from home or remotely. This is possible when taking the course and following the curriculum.

Any Potential Red Flags to this Program?

As a matter of fact, there are. We shall point out some of the issues that we found wanting with this system so that you can be more knowledgeable and cautious before making a purchase. 

These issues are:

  • The information regarding the creators is of limited supply. 
  • The developers of the platform have said that you can make money with as little as $100. This made us skeptikal. It is possible but seemingly not typical.
  • The pricing can be unclear. However, once the user pays the $77, they will also need the capital to fund the account for trading.
  • Free Bitcoins- yes it is true, but it has loads of prerequisites.
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We recommend visiting the website here and watching the sales video. Put on your skeptic glasses and decide for yourself if these guys are legit.
We have tested the software and know that it does work. However, these red flags are still worth mentioning.

The Crypto Ultimatum Review Verdict

Cryptocurrency trading is still considered a risky venture. There are only a few experts out there that are %100 legitimate experts. We believe the anonymous creators of Crypto Ultimatum are among them along side the great team of developers. The Content and community support is arguably worth the price of admission. 

Being a risk averse or conservative investor is not the right mindset when deciding to partake in this course. Despite claims that cryptocurrency is starting to regulate itself, is simply not true.

Also, you won’t have to spend too much time in front of your computer since you will need a few minutes during the day to make your trades.

There is a healthy balance of pros and cons in regard to the Crypto Ultimatum program. As an individual it is now up to you to make the decision on what tips the scales.

We highly recommend sitting through a couple minutes of the webinar landing page since you've taken the time to read our review.

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