June 9, 2021

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The Personal Finance and Cryptocurrency Trading Review

Coursera enables you to take online classes provided by some of the world's top universities and instructors and earn various electronic shareable certifications for it, including professional certificates, MasterTrack certificates, specialization certificates, and degrees.

Or you can participate in a 2-hour interactive Guided Project taught by a subject matter expert to learn a relevant job skill that you can put to use right away.

Course learning materials include recorded auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, video lectures, and community discussion forums.

Personal finance is one of their most popular course offerings, and it can be used to increase your own understanding of the topic for improved results in your personal life, or you can select from their more advanced courses to help train for a professional career in personal finance.

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The Coursera Personal Finance features

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Coursera is free to join; however, there is a fee for the shareable electronic certification.

Their courses are also affordable; some are free, and financial aid is also available in many cases.

Enrollment in Guided Projects starts at 9.99 USD per month, Specializations courses start at $39.99 USD per month, and Professional certificates also start at $39.99 USD a month.

Meanwhile, MasterTrack certificates start at $2,000 USD for a 4-7 month course, and degrees start at $9,000 USD for a 2-4 year course.

There is also a Coursera Plus program that enables you to get access to over 2,000 courses, Professional certificates, Specializations, and Guided projects, all for one inclusive price. However, there is a free trial to start.

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  • It enables individuals, families, professionals, and more to learn the principles of personal financial planning from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Courses are provided by certified instructors and accredited universities, including Yale University, University of Florida, University of Illinois, and more, for quality education. 
  • Upon completing the course, students earn either a course certificate or a professional degree in personal finance. 
  • The program makes it affordable to begin or to continue an education in personal finance for personal knowledge or to pursue a career in the field.
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  • There is a small fee for the shareable electronic certificate.
  • Introduction to Personal Finance - is a standalone course offered by SoFi that teaches students various general personal finance topics, including business financial planning, budget, goal setting, and more.

    The subject matter is also broken down into easy-to-understand readings, activities, and videos to help make it more digestible for beginners, and it is also taught by two Certified Financial Planner professionals for experienced help if you need it.

  • Financial Planning for Young Adults - is a 4-week course offered by the University of Illinois, and it teaches young adults an introduction to basic financial planning concepts, including financial goal setting, budgeting, saving, investing, and more, over 8 different modules, with the final module devoted to financial planning as a career.

    The course itself is taught in a traditional lecture style, and it also uses real-world scenario video vignettes to help provide a unique and exciting component to the lesson.

  • Personal and Family Financial Planning - is brought to you by the University of Florida, and it is designed to help students learn many critical personal financial management habits that can be used throughout their lives to help create family wealth.

    Some topics covered include insurance, saving, investing, and more.

  • Financial Markets - is a financial-savvy, leadership-skilled focused course offered by Yale University in which students will learn a combination of practical ideas, methods, and institutions that enable them to manage risk and foster enterprise.

    Through the lesson, enrollees will learn a description of practices as well as an introduction to the real-world functioning of securities, risk management, insurance, and banking industries, which can then be used effectively contribute to a better public.

  • Investment and Portfolio Management - is a four-course Specialization course offered by Rice University, which is designed to help you build a winning investment portfolio by improving your investment strategies with real-world skills, analytics tools, and insights.

    You will learn how to formulate effective solutions to many common issues in investing, including how to meet liabilities, how to decide where to invest, and more, which can be applied by both investors of large wealth funds as well as individuals.

  • Finance for Non-Finance Professionals - covers all the major topics covered in a full semester MBA-level finance course at Rice University, including financial accounting, corporate finance, capital budgeting, and more.

    The goal of the course is to help students learn how financial professionals make decisions only it is taught using a more intuitive approach to help those with no prior familiarity with finance better understand corporate financial management, including stock markets, compounding returns, the tools of quantitative analysis, and more, to help build sound financial discipline.

  • Create a Budget with Google Sheets - is a course offered to students at the end of their studies that teaches them how to create personal and professional budgets using Google templates.

    As part of the lesson, you will also learn how to read the summary tab, how to put the budget into presentable formats, how to format charts, how to share the budget, and how to create permissions for others to access.
  • Final Thoughts on Coursera Training Guides and Content

    Coursera also brings flexible, affordable, job-relevant, world-class online learning to organizations across the globe, including businesses and government.

    It also works with global partners to bring world-class content and credentials from top companies and universities to promote skill development and in-demand career skills for refugees in over 100 countries, as well as veterans, the educationally underserved, and the formerly incarcerated, to help prepare them for the workforce.

    The company also offers Coursera for Campus, which enables any university to offer credit-ready, job-relevant online education to students, staff, and faculty.

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