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June 9, 2021

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Coinbase Platform and Digital Wallet Overview

Coinbase is a trusted cryptocurrency platform that makes it easy to buy and sell popular digital currencies using a variety of features designed for users of all backgrounds to start trading.

The platform also makes it simple for traders to manage their portfolios by enabling them to keep track of all their transactions in one place. And they can also schedule their investments via weekly, monthly, or daily reoccurrences to slowly build up their portfolio over time.

There is also a Coinbase app so you can follow the market anytime and from anywhere from your mobile device.

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Coinbase Wallet Product Rating Summary 

90% Overall
  • Buy & Sell - popular digital currency, including Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin, and more, by simply signing up for an individual Coinbase account. There are also Private Client accounts available for ultra-high net worth individuals, which enables them to navigate crypto with a highly experienced team of experts.

  • Execution Algorithms - can also be utilized to optimize your trade execution goals according to your specifications, including executing your trades as quickly or as passively as you'd like.

  • Earn Free Crypto - enables users to earn crypto in their Coinbase Wallet for watching educational videos on cryptocurrencies and then passing the quiz at the end each video.

  • Wallet - is a secure app that enables you to store all your cryptocurrency and NFTs in one place and without the need for a Coinbase account. Instead, users download the Wallet extension on their desktop, after which time they can trade over 400 types of cryptocurrencies and earn interest.

  • Coinbase Card - will soon be available to allow traders to spend their digital currencies everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted and earn up to 4% rewards on their purchases.
  • 100%
    user interface
    coin options


    • It makes it easy for traders to buy and sell popular cryptocurrencies all in one place.  
    • Their services are available for individuals, businesses, and developers looking to buy and sell crypto and/or also trade their own crypto and NFTs on the platform
    • It also includes guides and explainers, as well as expert customer support, for your crypto questions, so you are never left confused
    • It provides many opportunities to earn free crypto
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    • There are a number of different fees associated with their service, which can add up, depending on your trading goals.  

    Users can also rest assured their cryptocurrencies are safely stored away in a vault for maximum security, and digital coins stored on the platform's servers are also covered by an insurance policy, which also includes crime insurance to protect against cybersecurity breaches, theft, and losses.

    There is also a two-step verification process for all accounts, and any withdrawals are also released in a delayed manner for added protection. The company also stores 98% of customer funds offline to ensure they are safe as possible.

    Traders can also rest assured they won't be left alone to figure out the ins and outs of cryptocurrency on their own because there are also various guides, explainers, tips and tutorials available to help increase your understanding of the topic for greater success.

    Coinbase also offers a wide variety of features for businesses, including:

    • Prime - is an integrated solution that provides an advanced trading platform, secure custody, and prime services for businesses to manage their cryptocurrencies all in one place. It also provides clients with access to the broader crypto marketplace and more via smart order routing technology.

    • Coinbase Custody - is an independent NYDFS-regulated custody solution that provides clients with secure, institutional-grade offline storage for their crypto assets, and more.

    • Asset Hub - enables you to use a single application to list your assets on the Exchange Custody, as well as all the platform's trading interfaces with millions of other active users. The service also helps promote your assets, so new customers can discover them, and it also offers secure storage for your investors, as well as liquidity for your networks.

    • Coinbase Commerce - enables users to set up hosted checkout pages, invoicing, payment buttons, and more to sell and accept crypto on their own without the need for a middleman. You also get to hold all your crypto while also receiving all the benefits of a hosted site and more.
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    There are also various features for Developers, including:

    • Coinbase Connect - enables developers to use a specialized protocol to allow Coinbase users to allow third-party integration to their web, desktop, and mobile applications, without the need to share login credentials and more, so they can buy, sell, and store crypto via the platform.

    Analytics/Post-Trade Reporting

    The platform also includes analytic tools to help monitor your risk of crypto withdrawals and deposits. It also provides you with risk scores on various addresses and more to help you avoid suspicious activity.

    In the meantime, post-trading reports provide you with details on how your trade was executed, including how they were routed, split, and filled across venues, which you can use to help improve your trading performance in the future.

    Expert Support

    No matter which Coinbase service you choose, you will also benefit from friendly, expert support provided by the Help Center, including help getting started, help managing your account, trading and funding help, financial services, and more.

    Or you can also contact a member of the company directly for immediate assistance.


    In general, Coinbase fees, which are largely determined by adding a margin to the market exchange rate on Coinbase Pro, in addition to various other fees as spelled out on their site, may vary based on your payment, location, and other circumstances.

    There is also a flat fee of 2% charged for loan transactions, and users are also charged a commission fee for staking services. However, their Wallet service is free of charge. 

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