June 4, 2021

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CEX.IO Cryptocurrency Investment Platform Review

Founded in 2013, CEX.IO claims to be one of the first crypto platforms to make fiat-to-crypto transactions  (exchanging crypto assets government currency like USD or EUR) accessible through credit/debit card payments and bank transfers.  CEX.IO's executive director, describes the platform as an ever-expanding "ecosystem of a collection of products" for all types of investors.

The marketplace  offers instant buy/sell transaction options (credit and debit card purchases) and cryptocurrency trading, but it also provides a CEX.IO Prime platform for businesses. Individual traders can also take advantage of margin trading, staking rewards, and more.

CEX.IO has stated it covers 99% of countries across the globe, with more than $4 million registered users. Keep reading to see if it's right for you.

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Product Rating Summary For CEX.IO Investing

92% Overall

CEX.IO offers large options for investors like margin and staking. These can be useful tools for the experienced trader. CEX.IO has over 100 coins and tokens available and are touted for the high customer support they provide to all customers. The platform is easy to use and we were able to learn it within a few days.

Trading Platform
Customer Service
user Interface
Coin Options

Benefits to Investing With CEX.IO


  • 100+ assets including all major coins
  • Low Fees
  • Staking and Margin Trading available
  • Excellent services for advanced traders and institutional investing
  • 24/7 Customer Support


  • Services are unavailable in a select few states
  •  Staking rewards are not offered to US residents.

  The Full Story

Ways to invest with CEX.IO

Coins and tokens

CEX.IO offers instant crypto buying powers for traders using credit or debit cards, and it enables those to fund your account with bank or cryptocurrency transfers.

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They offer an in house digital wallet that compares well to our Top 5 Cryptocurrency wallets

Its investment offering which boasts more than 95 currencies like bitcoin and Ethereum — is available to traders around the globe, including residents in the 48 US states CEX.IO supports. Unfortunately residents of Washington and New York are excluded.

This platform offers a smaller coin selection. 

Some distinguishable account assets CEX.IO offers are the following:

  • Staking (earn monthly interest on your asset for an agreed upon period)
  • Spot trading (for advanced traders this offers some maximal flexibility to exchange holdings)
  • Crypto-backed loans
  • Margin trading (CEX.IO has a flexible lending criteria. It allows users to 100x borrow against their investment ( This  is highly risky)
  • Institutional features (Industry leading API tools for payment methods and wallet integration to name a few)

For staking, There will be a minimum holding amount placed under each asset, and though interest rates are different for each, some cryptocurrencies carry APYs up to 22%.

Staking is currently unavailable for US customers. The company has stated that it plans to have this changed in the near future.

One important feature that most platforms don't offer is: instant withdrawals on crypto assets. "Here, you sell and the money shows on your card right away."

Institutional services

Beside the CEX.IO Group-sponsored Prime platform, CEX.IO has a couple options for businesses, professional traders, and enterprise clients: CEX.IO Aggregator and CEX.IO Direct.

CEX.IO Aggregator is a liquidity asset that focuses on execution and efficient order delivery for institutional clients.

CEX.IO Direct lets you embed crypto access, user verification, procurement, and delivery to a website or mobile application.

Geographic Limitations

CEX.IO has several restrictions for customers in certain locations. 

Cryptocurrency access also varies for users from different countries. Specifically, some crypto assets won't be available for traders from Canada, China , USA and India.

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See a complete list of its geographic restrictions

Is CEX.IO trustworthy?

There have been solid customer ratings for CEX.IO and as current clients, we have no reason to believe they are not trustworthy. However, there is no rating in the BBB to justify the overall consensus and trust level of the company. 
Based on reviews and overall user experience we have decided to trust CEX.IO with some of our investments. This should not negate your due diligence procedure..

The exchange has closed eleven complaints in the last 12 months, according to the BBB signaling that it does have a customer service presence in the community.

Fee structure

CEX.IO charges a customary  maker/taker transaction fee that is based on the 30-day trading volume for all transacted trading pairs. Maker fees apply to orders that cannot execute immediately since there are no matching orders.

Taker fees are instant and make the transaction immediately marketable. Both fee structures vary per transaction and we would encourage investors to double check the rates in which they are being given.

 CEX.IO. maker fees range from 0.0% to 0.25%. While the 0.25% fee applies to users who make no more than five trades within the 30-day range, you'll only pay 0.9% if you place above the order threshold.

The same structure applies to taker fees. They are changed frequently. Please check the website for up to date taker fees.

Payment method fees are another nuance to the industry and are often the most steep. Like taker fees they change dynamically.

 See the complete fee/commission schedule .

Listed reasons by Cex.io on why people should use the platfrom

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